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ID Protection

Secure authentication for use with VPN and websites


Reliable identity protection and authentication for data access.


Passwords can be difficult to manage. Users write them down, use the same password for several websites or services, or log on to remote servers while their communications are intercepted. Users also want to use passwords which are easy to remember, which often means they are also easy to guess. They may even reveal their password to a colleague or another person they trust. This makes passwords less effective for authentication as they may be entered by someone other than the authorised user.


These issues mean that passwords are associated with plausible deniability.


One-time passwords are the perfect answer to many of these issues.


ID Protection can be used to log on to public websites which use VIP (Verisign Identity Protection) services. The number of websites which accept one-time passwords is rapidly growing.


ID Protection can also be used to authenticate delegated privileges to undertake specified tasks or gaining access to information.