1.    Introduction


This is the privacy statement of Data Evolution B.V. In this statement, Data Evolution B.V. explains how it deals with the personal data it obtains. Its processing is reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority under numberm1443066.


2.    Collected data


2.1.           If you wish to receive information, place or pay for an order, register for a newsletter or take part in a survey Data Evolution B.V. may ask you to provide your name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, bank and/or credit card details or other details, such as your age, gender and occupation.


2.2.           These details are used for the following purposes:

a. provision, invoicing and administrative settlement of the services of Data Evolution B.V.; and/or

b. with your prior consent (opt-in), to provide information on the products and services of Data Evolution B.V. and affiliated companies; and/or

c. to obtain a better picture of Data Evolution B.V.’s target groups and the visitors to its websites; and/or

d. to develop Data Evolution B.V.’s services and website(s) and adjust them to your personal preferences or those of the target group to which you belong; and/or

e. to provide data to third parties on the basis of statutory requirements.


2.3.           Data Evolution B.V. may also record your search and call behaviour and other traffic details (including but not confined to the duration of calls, the numbers called and from which calls are made) and your IP address and other electronic identification details, as well as a user profile, with a view to compiling use statistics, for the protection of its website(s) and server(s) and to prevent conduct involving abuse or infringements.


2.4.           In conducting surveys, Data Evolution B.V. complies with the Code of Conduct for Research and Statistics, which can be found here [].


3.    Processing of collected data


3.1.           Apart from the provisions of Article 2.2 above, Data Evolution B.V shall not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise transfer to third parties any personal and/or traffic data or the content of communications without your explicit consent, unless it is required to do so under applicable law or on the instructions of the competent authorities. Data Evolution B.V may disclose personal information in response to statutory requirements, for the protection of its interests, in order to enforce its policy rules or to protect a person’s rights, ownership or safety.


3.2.           If necessary, Data Evolution B.V. may share your personal and traffic data with telecommunications companies and service providers such as the PSTN-VoIP gateway providers, distributors of ancillary software and/or providers of financial services, analytical services, customer support or hosting services for the delivery of the products or service you request.Data Evolution B.V will always require these external parties to take appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect your personal and traffic data and comply with the relevant laws and regulations.


4.    Storage of personal data


4.1.           Your personal data is not stored in a form that makes it possible to identify you for any longer than is necessary to achieve the objectives listed in Article 2. Traffic data and electronic identification data are kept for a maximum of 6 (six) months and in principle, are then destroyed.


4.2.           If you cancel your registration for a newsletter or mailing (opt-out), your (e-mail) address is deleted from the Data Evolution B.V. dispatch list.


5.    Cookies


5.1.           One or more cookies can be sent via the Data Evolution B.V. servers. A cookie is a very small text file that your browser will in principle store on your computer. This holds information on matters including the settings of your computer and the preferences you have recorded, in order to facilitate any subsequent visit to the Data Evolution B.V. websites.


5.2.           This cookie is not an invasion of your privacy. There is no (processing of) personal details that can be traced to you. If you do not want to receive this cookie, you can block 3rd party cookies in your browser. Note! In that case you cannot use all the possibilities of Data Evolution B.V.’s websites and/orservices, and/or you will not have access to all parts of these.


6.    Transfer to countries outside the EU


6.1.           For technical or operational reasons, it may be necessary for your data to be passed on to (servers of) companies affiliated to us in the United States or other countries outside Europe, where regulations on protection of privacy may not provide the same protection as in the European Union. By using the (ancillary) software, the websites, services or products of Data Evolution B.V., you consent to the transfer of such information to a destination outside your national borders.


6.2.           However, Data Evolution B.V. will always take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal details are protected as effectively as possible.


7.    Transfer of company


On further growth and development of Data Evolution B.V., one or more parts of the company’s assets may be transferred to a third party. In that case, the data on Data Evolution B.V.’s clients will also be transferred.


8.    Inspection and improvement of data


8.1.           Your profile may contain your user name, your full name and address, your landline and mobile telephone numbers, gender, date of birth, country, language and other information that you decide to provide.


8.2.           If you want to know whether and if so, which other details Data Evolution B.V. has recorded on you, or you wish to change those details, you can write to Data Evolution B.V. via the website under “Contact”.


8.3.           If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter and/or other mailings of Data Evolution B.V. or its affiliated companies, you can cancel your registration, stating your e-mail address or postal address, by sending a message


9.    Changes


This Privacy Statement may be altered. The changes will be announced on this web page.


10.  Questions


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement or Data Evolution B.V.’s privacy policy, please contact Data Evolution B.V. via the website under “Contact”.


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